• The slower the ride? Master teaches you to easily solve 5 small faults

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    When you are struggling to save money and buy a new bike, it feels really good to get a new bike. You fall in love with its beautiful painting, the wheelset that moves with just one step, the extremely precise shifting...use your free time to accompany it, and even sleep with it at night.

    However, as time passed, until one day, you started to ignore it, and your bike ran to you and asked you: "So love will disappear, right?" But you look at your friend's pair of lighter wheels. Groupset, that set of faster gear shifting...

    Is the boat of friendship between you and your bike overturned? I don't think so, it may just need a little maintenance, and then it will come back to you full of energy. Here are some common glitches to help you realize whether your bike is starting to slow down, and how to fix it.

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