• How to correctly prevent cervical pain caused by cycling

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    Don't take the risk of expanding your condition and suffer the pain in your spine in silence. Before the cervical spine evolved into a big problem, there are a lot of methods used by professional athletes to solve the small problems of the cervical spine.

    Humans were not designed to ride bicycles; the structure of the body was originally formed for the use of upright walking. Cycling completely changes the weight distribution of your spine and muscles, and it bends your back and cervical spine into an unnatural posture.

    In fact, when you are in a cycling position, your cervical spine must compensate for this position in order for you to see the road ahead. If your cycling posture is not good, then this problem will be more serious; for a few hours, your cervical spine will stand up straight, staring at the space in front; it’s weird that the neck muscles are not tired.

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