• Why are mountain bikes not equipped with mudguards?

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    1. The mudguard is basically ineffective in riding activities.
    2. The mudguard will increase energy consumption during riding activities.
    3. will increase the probability of failure. Therefore, this type of mountain bike does not require mudguards. If the subject is only doing slow riding on general roads, you can use a station wagon.
    4. The hidden safety hazards of mudguards: general mudguards are made thin and wide, and the materials are mostly steel, aluminum, plastic, resin, and other materials with certain hardness. It's like a knife without a blade. In other words, it is a sharp protrusion on a vehicle. When the cyclist accidentally crashed, the kinetic energy is very large at this time. This sharp protrusion is very easy to cut your skin under the huge kinetic energy, especially in the summer when the riders wear very little and their bodies are exposed. The parts are many.

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