• Is the weight of a mountain bike really that important?

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    "How heavy is your bike?" This question may have been asked by many people, but does a mountain bike be good if it is light? Does the weight of the bike really mean that the bike is poor? Does the quality of your ride depend entirely on the weight of the bike? Or should we completely stop pursuing the stupid behavior of lightweight?

    Light means it is a good bike, and a heavy one means it is a low-end bike. This is a saying that bicycles have been circulating for decades. Since the 1990s, this situation has continued for quite some time, and many drivers have spent a lot of time or even their lives for this, and even the handlebars will break due to daily punctures. Fortunately, due to continuous testing and production process improvement, the problem of strength and safety for many years seems to have been resolved. However, the importance of the weight surface has not diminished.

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