• Clincher, tubeless, and hookless tubeless tires have such a big difference in tire pressure. Have you set it right?

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    "2021 GIANT TCR hookless tubeless tire wheels, what kind of tires can be used?", After the release, judging from the message, many cyclists are not very clear about how much tire pressure they use, and there are not a few who use too high tire pressure. Today I wrote an article to talk about tire pressure. I checked the information and found that the situation is more complicated than we thought. Road tires and wheels are too split. A few years ago, when the mainstream road tires were 21c and 23c, tire pressures exceeding 100 psi was a normal operation, and many people believed that high tire pressures resulted in low rolling resistance and fast cycling. However, it is only on an ideal flat road, the actual road is rugged, and the bouncing caused by high tire pressure will absorb energy, which is equivalent to increasing the rolling resistance. This is why road bike tires are becoming wider and wider. 25c has become the mainstream. As aerodynamic wheels become wider and wider, 28c has a tendency to replace them. At present, the inner width of the rim of road bikes has also developed from 19mm to 21mm. After many 25c tires are installed, the actual expansion width has reached 28mm.

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