• How to choose brake discs

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    Generally speaking, 140mm and 160mm discs are mostly used in road bike brakes. 160mm discs have stronger braking force, can better cope with certain situations, and can also ensure the best braking effect. In addition, a larger disc heat dissipation area is also larger, which can further improve the overall performance of the brake. The 140mm disc is the most aesthetic standard, but if many riders weigh more than 80kg, the braking force of 140mm discs is not enough for them, so you can use the front 160mm rear 140mm configuration, the overall center of the brake is The front brake is more dependent on the braking force of the front brake. If the rear wheel is relatively strong and the rear wheel locks and slips, it is not a good thing. Therefore, it is also a feasible solution to configure the rear wheel with 140 discs with weaker braking force. Weight reduction of the whole bike.

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