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Cycling glasses are a very cool type of outdoor riding equipment, especially when used with helmets.
Cyclist with Riding Glasses
In addition to the common functions of general sports glasses, cycling glasses are worthy of special attention in blocking ultraviolet radiation outdoors.
Most cyclists ride on the road, and when the sun is shining during the day, the road reflects the sun better than mud or grass. Because the riding postures and habits of cyclists are different from those of ordinary people, cyclists have more time to look directly at the road than ordinary cyclists. If you don't wear glasses, the eyes of the rider will receive too much ultraviolet reflection, and long-term absorption of ultraviolet rays in the eyes will cause cataracts. In addition, most of the cycling friends have the experience of tears in the eyes and foreign objects in the eyes, and riding glasses can greatly protect your eyes from these injuries.

Cycling glasses material

Cycling glasses are generally made of PC. PC materials are light in weight, have good impact resistance, are resistant to high temperatures and are not easily deformed, and have good UV protection.
Although we pay the most attention to lenses when buying cycling glasses, the material of the frame is also very important, whether it is flexible and comfortable, whether it will cause allergies, etc.

What kind of riding environment is suitable for different colored lenses

1. Black lenses

Suitable for environments with strong sunlight, such as noon.

2. Yellow lens

Suitable for environments such as dusk, night, early morning, foggy or rainy day, but it is not recommended to use in the hot sun and strong light

3.Blue lens

Suitable for foggy days and early mornings where the light is not strong and the visibility is not high.

4. Transparent lens

The main function is to prevent wind and foreign objects.

5. Chrome lens

Chrome-plated lenses are suitable for snow or plateau areas with strong light and strong ultraviolet rays. Those who want to ride in Sichuan and Tibet may wish to prepare a pair.

What should I pay attention to when buying cycling glasses?

1. First of all, you have to know that cheap goods are not good, and good goods are not cheap;
2. Whether the lens ha
s strong impact resistance, it is inevitable to crash while riding, if the lens breaks during the crash, it is very likely to damage our eyes;
3. Whether it is possible to install myopia lenses;
4. Whether it is comfortable to wear and whether the nose cushion frame can be adjusted;
5. Whether the lens can be replaced easily;
6. Is the overall weight light? If it is too heavy, it will be uncomfortable to wear for a long time;
7. Whether it is a polarized lens;
8. Whether the accessories such as anti-sweat strip, headband, and glasses rope are complete


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