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Among the three largest consumables of bicycles (chains, tires, brake pads), Relatively speaking, brake pads are relatively low in consumption and replacement frequency. Compared with chains, tires, and other accessories that are easy to lose money, hardly notice it. After all, the frequency of replacement is not high and the size is small. You can find the problem only if you watch closely. But in my opinion, the brake pads not only play an important role in safety protection but also a window that shows the low-key luxury taste and cycling values. Well, let’s find out, there are some particularities in the choice of brake pads.
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Love and hate between brake pads and rims

We know that when the brake pads directly contact and act on the rim, physical reactions such as braking, heat generation, and wear will occur. In addition to the primary function and consideration of braking force, we should also consider whether the material of the brake pad and the rim can be perfectly matched.
In addition to the heat generation that car friends are most concerned about, the "frame burning" is caused by friction and heat, and the temperature is too high; the second is wear. Under the action of friction between the brake shoes and the rim, both sides will cause a certain degree of wear. The material, the brake method, and the friction time will affect the degree of wear.

The brake pads used in metal rims are rated at 180 degrees Celsius, while the brake pads used in carbon fiber rims are rated at 320 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the brake pad materials for carbon rings, aluminum rings, and ceramic rings are different. Brake pads are not just a piece of brake pads, and you need to change them when you use them up, but make a reasonable choice based on the material of the rim.


The material of bicycle brake pads is mainly composite rubber and cork. At present, the mainstream brake pads on the market use composite rubber. Due to the requirements of different material rims, the synthetic composition is different, which is better in terms of temperature and wear. Ground protection of the rim. Cork brake pads appear earlier and are extremely difficult to wear. They perform better in temperature control and in humid environments, but generally speaking, the braking force is relatively weak.

Quick Release Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheelset
Trifox RW100 Quick Release Carbon Wheelset:

Type Super Light Road Bike Wheelset
Material Toray T700 Carbon Fiber
Size 700C
Rim Finish: UD / Matt
Drills: Front:20; Rear:24 Holes
Width: External 23mm
Depth 38mm/50mm/60mm
Style Quick Release
O.L.D Front 100mm, rear 130mm
Front Hub 2 bearings
Rear Hub 4 bearings
Cassette Compatibility Fit for 8/9/10/11 speed
Spoke Aero spoke
Nipple Alloy nipple
Tire Type Clincher
Rider Weight Limit 100kg
Recommended tire size 700C X 23 or 25C
Recommended tire pressure 90-135psi
Guarantee 3 years
Package Content 1 Pair Carbon Road Bike Quick Release Wheels (come with hub already)
1 pair Cloth Rim Tape (Nylon Rim Tape Clincher, Wheel Strip Inner Tube Pad)
2 pairs of brake shoes
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