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Repairing a bike is an essential skill for every cyclist

I believe that cyclists will definitely encounter unexpected situations during cycling, and the most common failures are basically four types: chain drop, broken tires, brake failure, and inaccurate gear shifting.

And these faults are all that we can quickly eliminate by ourselves, and this article will carefully introduce how to prevent faults and simple troubleshooting methods.
chain drop
One, chain drop
Chain drop is the worst nightmare for beginner cyclists, but the condition of chain drop is actually that the chain is not properly stuck on the gear, falling on the flywheel or the outside of the market.

In case of chain drop, do not pull it hard, otherwise, the more the chain is stuck, the more difficult it is to take it out. First observe the position of the chain drop, take out the chain, and put on the closest chainring to complete the repair. Simple, but the frequent chain drop may be the limit screw of the transmission needs to be adjusted. You can ask the bike shop to help check it.
broken tire
Two, broken tire
A broken tire is usually caused by a foreign body puncture. If you want to deal with it on the spot, you must have an inflator, a tire stick, and a spare inner tube.

1. Insert the tire digging rod into the outer tire and fix it on the spokes, and then use the second tube to dig out the inner tire in sequence, then the outer tire on one side can be dug out.

2. Take out the inner tube from the opposite side of the valve head, it is easy to take out and will not hurt the inner tube.

3. Inflate the inner tube, feel the position of the hole, and remove the sharp foreign body compared to the corresponding scar on the outer tube to avoid secondary damage.

4. Put in the spare inner tube and use both hands to push the outer tube back into the wheel frame. You can push the outer tube by hand to check whether the inner tube is completely covered.

5. Inflate to the correct pressure to complete the tire change
brake failure
Three, brake failure
Sometimes I feel that the brakes are always unable to stop, usually caused by excessive brake clearance. It is also recommended to check early before setting out to protect yourself.

1. The brake spacing is too large and should be adjusted to the correct tightness.

2. Loosen the fixing screw, fix the position of the clamp with one hand and tighten the inner cable, then fix the screw to complete the adjustment.
The speed is not accurate
Four, the speed is not accurate

Inaccurate shifting is usually caused by a babbling sound, slow shifting response, time difference between shifting in and out, usually just the tightness of the shifting cable is not in the correct position, just use the fine-tuning screw to solve it!

1. When the small gear plate is on the big gear plate, it is found that it cannot go up or is too slow. At this time, just turn the fine adjustment screw counterclockwise to solve it.

2. When the large chainring is under the small chainring, if there is no movement or too slow, just turn the fine adjustment screw.


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