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Does cycling really hurt my knees? Here is a specific scientific answer for everyone~
In fact, in daily life, we use the knee joint every step we take. Every sport we engage in may cause varying degrees of injury to the knee. Cycling, as a very green and healthy sport, exerts far less pressure on the knees than other exercises such as walking and climbing stairs in daily life.
Here is the chart about the pressure of various sports on the knee:
The chart about the pressure of various sports on the knee
It can be seen that cycling is less weight-bearing on the knee joint, which is an ideal way of exercise for people with knee joint injuries. Cycling is one of the more popular sports, the reason is that it greatly reduces the pressure of the weight on the knee, so that the knee injury rate is reduced.
What are the benefits of cycling?
Cycling is an exercise that does not hurt the knee joint. It has great benefits for the body. It can not only lose weight, but also prevent many diseases.
Cycling is a very beneficial aerobic exercise
And cycling is a very beneficial aerobic exercise. Cycling does not require deliberate preparation like other sports. No time limit, no speed limit, no place limit, as long as there is enough space, whether indoor or outdoor, it can become a place for you to exercise freely. You can ride a bike alone or go in groups.
What should we pay attention to when riding a bicycle?
Long-term incorrect cycling posture and cycling habits can cause knee strain.
Long-term incorrect cycling posture and cycling habits can cause knee strain
Therefore, when we are cycling, we must choose a bicycle of our own size, as well as the correct cycling posture and habits, otherwise no matter how good exercise is, it will bring unexpected damage to the knee. Here, we pay attention to our cycling style from the following five aspects.
1. Avoid excessive climbing and sprinting exercises.
2. Pay attention to the height of the bicycle cushion.
3. Pay attention to the direction of cycling and the direction of pedaling.
4. Choose the right bike size.
5. Don't use sudden force often.
All in all, scientific exercise methods can effectively avoid sports injuries.


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